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YETI Daytrip Lunch Box

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PROTECTS YOUR LUNCH WHETHER YOU TAKE YOUR BREAK IN THE PARK OR ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN. This fresh-for-hours, easy-to-clean lunch box is your one-way ticket to packing a lunch you'll actually look forward to. It's packed to the gills with insulation power, engineered with a water-resistant exterior, and built with a rock-solid form factor so it holds its own when riding in backpacks and bags.

Product Features:

  • COLDCELL FLEX™ INSULATION - A lightweight, closed-cell foam offers the superior temperature-holding power to keep your lunch fresh.
  • FOOD SAFE - From fruit to subs — it's all safe to store.
  • YETI THIN ICE™ COMPATIBL - Perfectly homes and insulates your frozen YETI THIN ICE™. Optimized for our medium size.
  • EVA MOLDED BOTTOM - Gives your food a firm landing pad and prevents any wetness from seeping in or out.

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