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Here at Big Sky Anglers we have lived, worked, and explored throughout Patagonia for decades. We have learned a lot over the years about what you need in different places, in different conditions, and at different times of the season. Our bond with El Encuentro Fly Fishing is especially strong. We've worked closely to develop new flies, and refine new fishing strategies. We are on the cutting edge of advancements in gear designs, and in constant contact with the El Encuentro team on the ground to keep our finger on the pulse of current conditions. We know when it’s a dry year, or a cold season; when the dragonflies are hatching, and when the migratory fish are moving.

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Fishy Joe's Picks - Custom Fly Assortments
Fishy Joe's Picks - Custom Fly Assortments
Fishy Joe's Picks - Custom Fly Assortments
Fishy Joe's Picks - Custom Fly Assortments

Fishy Joe's Picks - Custom Fly Assortments

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Joe Moore has spent his career fooling fish throughout Big Sky Country, and whether it's one of his own innovative patterns, or another guide approved fly, Fishy Joe's Picks should be the first flies you tie on. There's a reason he's called Fishy Joe after all!
"There's nothing better than having one of our sport's most respected guides and outfitters hand-pick your flies."
These fly assortments are hand-picked by Fishy Joe himself, and come in a water-proof, micro-slit foam fly box (pictured). Please select the river of choice, the quantity of flies you would like, and the time period you are interested in. Joe will be sure to get you the goods!

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Rods & Reels

A medium to fast action rod will do the job in Central Patagonia. Wind is common and faster action rods will out preform softer ones. It is common to fish dries and streamers during the same day, and a rod that will handle both techniques is a must. A 9 ft 5 wt rod will do almost everything you need. At times it is nice to have a 8-9 ft 4 wt along for dries and a 9-9’6 ft 6 wt or 7 wt for streamers and longer casts. Trips like this are the reason to buy a high-end reel with a smooth, durable drag. It's common to hook very large fish on light tippets, and a smooth drag can be the difference when landing bigger fish. An extra reel for your sink-tip line is recommended.

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Fly Lines

A good weight forward floating line will be used most of the time. Rio and Scientific Anglers make quality lines.

You will want to have along a 15-25 ft fast sinking tip line for your 5
or 6 wt rod. A 200 grain weight pairs well with a 6 weight rod. A 250 grain matches nicely with a 7 weight.

el encuentro

waders & Boots

We prefer breathable Chest waders for every situation you will encounter. During the colder months you can layer to meet your warmth needs.
During the summer months you may want to bring along a pair of neoprene booties and simply wet wade.

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Leaders and Tippet

The trip of a lifetime across the globe to Patagonia is no time to scrimp on terminal tackle. We recommend traveling with a fresh set of tippet in 1x-5x, and tapered leaders in 7.5' 0x-3x, and 9' 4x-5x. Fluorocarbon tippet in size 1x-3x can be useful for streamer fishing, as can Maxima Leader Material in 6lb - 15lb.

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Apparel & Outerwear

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