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Experience the heart and sole of Patagonia fly fishing

From the birthplace of  Patagonia fly fishing in the north to its frontier in the south, Route 40 runs through the heart of Patagonia. Join Big Sky Anglers on a customized, two-week adventure from the north to the south of Argentina’s classic trout country.

decades of


 We have spent the last 2 decades living, working, and fishing throughout this vast region and this trip encompasses some of our absolute favorites.  You’ll experience the best fly fishing and authentic Argentine hospitality in all of Patagonia. You’ll be fishing with english-speaking guides that are not only our partners but are our friends, the people we have come to know and respect through our years of experience.

from the southern frontera

This two week adventure is designed to sample the best of what Patagonia has to offer, 5 days of fishing in the south and 5 days in the north. It begins at the classic El Encuentro lodge, an institution in Argentine fly fishing situated on the banks of the Rio Futaleufu with breathtaking views of the Andes. Here you’ll be fishing for large browns and rainbows from drift boats or exploring nearby private access lakes and spring creeks. We’ll enjoy the warm hospitality of our good friends, great wine selections, and terrific food. From the El Encuentro Lodge you will travel North through Los Alerces National Park to the stunning Carrileufu River Valley where we will enjoy easy access to remarkable fisheries like the Rio Rivadavia, Rio Arrayanes, and Rio Carrileufu.

Next, we will travel North along Ruta 40 through the mind-blowing Route of the Seven Lakes to San Martin De Los Andes. After a day of R&R in this wonderful mountain town, it’s back to fishing in some of the North’s most legendary and productive fisheries.

to the birthplace of patagonia fly fishing

We’ll spend the next session north of San Martin De Los Andes in the cradle of Argentine fly fishing, drift boat fishing large waters like the Rio Chimehuin, Rio Collon Cura and Rio Limay, and wading iconic waters like the Rio Malleo. These are some of the most spectacular and exciting fisheries in Patagonia. You will experience vast valleys filled with wildlife such as red stag, rheas, wild pigs, and armadillos. Condors soar high above the river and and flocks of parrots will noisily entertain you while drifting some rivers. In addition to well-known fisheries, we will spend time on off the beaten path exploring several remote watersheds filled with endless opportunities, from small spring creeks, to remote rivers and lakes.

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The Ruta 40 Road Trip is our signature hosted adventure: join us for an incredible two-week fly fishing trip where we combine some of the best fishing in Argentina from both the northern and southern regions.  We are timing the trip in Patagonia during early summer when all the rivers are fresh, hatches are starting and fish are eager to eat!  We have taken a particularly trouty section of Ruta 40 from Esquel in the south to San Martin de los Andes in the north.  We will be fishing along the entire way with our good friends from El Encuentro Fly Fishing and Patagonia Nomads.