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BSA Tungsten BH Bouface Leech - Black

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

This fly always has a place in both our moving water and stillwater flyboxes. It is a variant of a John Barr’s Bouface that we have tied especially for the bins at Big Sky Anglers. The original is a great fly that came to fame on the Henry’s Fork and Silver Creek, quickly proving its usefulness in waters of spring origin. The squirrel strip offers a lively underwater display and the extra-long marabou fibers in the sparse collar of our variation add a very defined shape to the overall fly and have a muting effect on the squirrel strip’s color. Our variation is also tied with a tungsten bead and is on a somewhat larger and more substantial hook than the original. We have also added a small anti-fouling mono loop off the back of the hook to help the slender squirrel strip not tangle in the hook. It may imitate a small fry more than a leech when tied like this, but the fish still chomp it! It enters the water quietly and is highly effective in shallow and low water conditions. It also holds up to the larger trout of rivers like the Missouri in Montana, the brown trout rivers of Iceland, and the productive waters of both Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. This has also proven to be a very effective lake fly on our home stillwaters like Hebgen and Henry’s Lake as well as the lakes of Patagonia in the south.

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