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BSA MK's Swing Mint Bugger - Small Brass Eyes

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

A variation of the popular Thin Mint Woolly Bugger color combination, specifically designed for trout Spey and swung fly presentations. This fly has become a massive favorite among our shop staff and accounted for multiple trophy-class browns during the first fall we had it in our bins.

No smoke and mirrors here. The Thin Mint version of the Woolly Bugger is a fish catching machine. But MK (Matt Klara), who loves fishing his 2-handed rods for trout, did some tinkering to spice it up specifically for swinging, while retaining the fishy color scheme. He added in the stinger hook concept to improve hookups, especially from soft-grabbing winter fish, adjusted the body and tail proportions to maximize wiggle in the water, and swapped the bead for brass dumbbell eyes to keep the hook point oriented up and reduce snags when fishing deep. MK also incorporated flash running the length of the fly rather than just in the tail, again to increase motion. This fly fishes well on the swing on both standard single-hand rods as well as 2-handed rods. It also will handle cast and retrieve presentations.

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