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BSA Jojo's Flav / Drake Mackerel

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

Another proven mayfly pattern from Big Sky Anglers founder, Joe Moore. This pattern switch hits as both a Flav and a Drake Mackerel imitation.

Drunella flavilinea, commonly known as the Flav, is the smaller, lesser known, and often misidentified cousin of the Green Drake, Drunella grandis. What this mayfly lacks in notoriety it more than makes up for in importance as a food source for Yellowstone Country trout in June and July. Flavs are found on the Madison, Firehole, Yellowstone, and Henry’s Fork rivers, as well as some smaller tributary waters throughout the region.

Timpanoga hecuba, commonly known as the Drake Mackerel, is another less famous mayfly species that is often confused with Green Drakes or Flavs. While hatches may not often reach “blizzard” status, the size of the insect and the timing of the hatches make it vitally important for hatch matchers in our area. You see, in September, when the Drake Mackerel hatch is popping, there is not another large or medium sized aquatic insect hatch to speak of. This insect is most important to anglers who spend time on the water in the northeast corner of Yellowstone Park.

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