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BSA Hoovie's Crippled Ant

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

Flying Ants are often the unsung heroes of dry fly fishing on many of our big Western rivers. When all of the glamorous hatches have ended for the season, the venerable ant and it’s towering mating flights keep trout looking to the surface during the dog days of summer. BSA veteran guide Steve Hoovler (aka Hoovie) loves flying ant season on the Madison River as it extends the dry fly fishing through August and into mid-September. Hoovie, and many area guides, have long fished Rowan Nyman’s deadly Royal Wulff Cripple with great success during ant activity. Just as Nyman’s fly was an effective variation of a time-tested pattern, Hoovie’s Ant takes the Royal Wulff Cripple and fine tunes it into a striking ant imitation. With its highly visible widow’s web wing, this fly excels on area rivers like the Madison, Henry’s Fork and Yellowstone. Stillwater fisherman should be sure to have a few too as it’s been highly effective at fooling selective gulpers on Hebgen Lake.

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