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BSA Copenhaver Spinner - Cream

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

The Copenhaver Spinner is a true to form spinner fly that we love for its durability. This fly has been in use here in southwest Montana for decades and works everywhere from the Madison and Missouri Rivers to Hebgen Lake to the Railroad Ranch on the Henry’s Fork. It is tied in the fashion of a silhouette spinner, with the wings at a slightly less than 180 degrees from one another and is one of easiest to see down-wing spinners on the market. Many spinner patterns are difficult to keep afloat and lack the durability required to be re-cast after landing a feisty trout, but the Copenhaver Spinner keeps on going like the everlasting Duracell bunny. It’s a great fly for blind fishing likely water or a perfect choice as a first fly to present on a selectively rising trout. We love this fly so much we’ve now made it available for PMDs, Rusty, Flavs and Tricos.

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