BSA Jojo's Green Drake Cripple - Smoke Wing

BSA Jojo's Green Drake Cripple - Smoke Wing

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

Several years ago Jonathan showed Joe a picture of an emerging Green Drake from the Henry’s Fork, which served as the inspiration for this cripple pattern. The photo showed a very bulbous insect as it cracked it’s exo-skeleton and crawled on top – the insect was about as round a nickel! Joe tied several versions of it and with Jonathan’s help, they came up with this fly. We tested it for a couple seasons before sending it off to production. We don’t grease the back half of the fly, instead we actually chew on the back half getting it wet so that it sinks and hangs in the film. We do however carefully grease the front hackle and wing. This fly works best fished as a single dry fly targeting those hard to fool Henry’s Fork trout.

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