Pira Lodge offers the Dorado angler the chance to fish in a true wilderness setting, bridging the gap between superb fishing and exceptional eco-tourism.  The Ibera Marsh is the second-largest wetland on earth at more than 5800 square miles (Yellowstone Park is just under 3500 square miles), and is home to an astonishing variety of plant and animal life, including more than 350 bird species, 85 mammal species, and almost 70 reptile species. 

ibera marsh

Pira Lodge is strategically located at the southern tip of the marsh at a habitat-rich bottleneck where the Ibera Marsh and Rio Corrientes ecosystems converge. Here, the Dorado is the king of fish.  Based out of Pira Lodge you will have access to the Upper Corrientes River and hundreds of miles of virtually unexplored waters in the Marsh. This area is visited by very few anglers each season making it truly special. Golden dorado vary in size from 5 to 20 pounds and can be taken on both streamers and topwater fly patterns.  Average catches are typically in the 5-10 pound class.  Crystal clear water exists throughout the entire fishery during the fishing season. Piranha and surubi (spotted catfish) are common “bycatch” while fishing for dorado. Pira is the only Dorado destination in South America with state of the art Hell’s Bay flats skiffs, to deliver anglers quickly and safely in the most remote areas of the fishery.

On the Rio Corrientes, the game typically involves big streamers and either floating or sinking lines to cover big water to find fish.  You’ve likely never had as violent a grab on a swung fly as you might get here.  In the Marsh, the setting is more intimate, with still waters and opportunities for fishing streamers and poppers on floating line.  Aiming casts into the reeds and along the edges makes for an awesome alternative to the big river game.

The Ibera Marshland is a vast system of non-polluted crystal-clear creeks, flowing rivers, shallows and lakes. The Province of Corrientes borders Uruguay, and enjoys one of Argentina’s subtropical climate patterns, with temperatures in the mid-80s early and late in the season. The Ibera Marshland is almost completely unexplored and uninhabited, and a large portion of it is protected within the Esteros del Iberá Reserve. It is not uncommon to see a caiman slither into the water, a capybara poke its head out of the tall grass, or a river otter hunting for its supper.  The soundtrack to fishing is provided by the hundreds of species of that inhabit the marsh while.  If you are interested in spending extra time enjoying the unique wildlife of the Ibera Marsh, simply let the head guide know when you get here.

This is a great lodge to combine with a 3-4 days stay at the less remote Suinda lodge, which offers some unique fishing in its own right.

Uniquely positioned and supremely comfortable, the lodge has direct access to the Iberá Marshlands.

Built with exquisite Corrientes style and pride, Pirá Lodge enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of the vast wetlands. It accommodates up to 10 guests in five deluxe rooms, each with a private entrance, private bath, two double beds, ceiling fans and air conditioning. A separate building, attached by covered walkways and open-air patios, accommodates the spacious living room, bar, and dining room areas—each with tall doors that open to the wide veranda. Pirá Lodge was designed by award-winning architects to respect traditional regional elegance—offering all of the comforts and luxuries of a contemporary hotel. Relax and enjoy a cocktail at any hour, and cool off in the outdoor swimming pool after a rewarding day of fishing.

Several transportation options exist for Pira Lodge.  You may arrive commercially or via a private charter directly to our private landing strip at the lodge.



Pira Lodge offers the Dorado angler the chance to fish in a true wilderness setting, bridging the gap between superb fishing and exceptional eco-tourism.  The clear water and plentiful Dorado make for great sight fishing opportunities. The lodge is extremely comfortable, and the friendly, knowledgeable, bilingual guides are absolutely top notch.

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