meet patrick

position - outfitting and travel reservations manager

Tacoma, WA

Since the spring of 2019 

I got into flyfishing in my early 20s while living in NYC — I was a slave to my job, on call/answering emails 24/7, and desperately craving something that would provide an escape from the madness of the city (there was a time where I hadn’t left the confines of NYC in a full calendar year). I met a group of surfers-turned-anglers from California through some friends of mine and begged them to take me on one of their weekend trips up to the Catskills. It was game over from there: I quickly maxed out my first credit card at the midtown Orvis store getting set up, and spent nearly every weekend after that on either the Upper Delaware or Neversink River cutting my teeth on some highly-educated trout. 

I’ve done a bunch of different things over the last few winters - From going down to Argentina to fish and help our friends at El Encuentro Fly Fishing in Patagonia, to working at a bakery up in Helena. Last winter my girlfriend and I road-tripped down the length of Baja California in our 1986 Toyota Dolphin Mini-motorhome (surfing, fishing, living the dirtbag gringo van life). Now that I’ve settled into more of a full-time role here at BSA, I'm learning how to cross-country ski, dreaming of my next big adventure, and learning way too much about wood-fired stoves, snow management, and how to layer properly.  

Too many places, not enough time! I’d love to swing for sea-run browns in Tierra Del Fuego, or stalk the gin-clear pools of the New Zealand backcountry. Most realistically, I’m hoping to soon check Bonefish/Permit/Tarpon off my list somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Bergman’s “Trout” and Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Mars Trilogy”

My elementary school yearbook notes that I was hoping to become either a “Marine biologist, cartoonist, or lawyer”

Reading (Nerdy Sci-fi novels or esoteric Wikipedia articles), hanging with the BSA crew at Howard Creek Ranch, getting outdoors with my girlfriend, scheming our next big adventure, playing guitar.