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Originally from northern Utah, Nichole began guiding around West Yellowstone in 2014.  She joined Big Sky Anglers in 2018 and has quickly become a well-respected and sought out member of our staff. Although still considered green by guiding standards fly fishing has played a major role in her life.  What’s more, every person we’ve matched Nichole up with on the river comes back with great things to say about her skills as a guide and her easy going personality. She’s proven herself to be a great teacher, able to quickly get beginners angling effectively and more experienced anglers climbing toward the next level in their pursuits.  From the Madison, to the Henry’s Fork, and across Yellowstone Park, Nichole is an extremely competent guide and angler.  

In Nichole’s own words, “My dad bought a boat when I was 4 and we blindly started exploring the South Fork of The Snake in Idaho. From there on, every weekend of my childhood was spent in a boat. Needless to say I was hooked not only on the fishing but the pure wild feel that the water brings and all that encompasses it. Anyone who meets me quickly finds out that my passion for the outdoors is one of my utmost priorities. I have worked my whole life to make a career in the mountains.”

Nichole’s other life passion is skiing, and all winter long she can be found laying down lines in her beloved Wasatch Mountains.  She is a Snow Safety Supervisor for Powder Mountain Ski Resort and her days off are spent touring in the backcountry.  Her shoulder seasons are spent riding mountain bikes, fishing in new places, and renting RV's to go backcountry skiing around the world. 

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Top quality, but gentle instruction is the trademark of our focused and relaxed style of guiding. Big Sky Anglers employs some of the Rocky Mountains’ most patient and experienced guides to provide you with an unforgettable fishing experience. Whether you’re a novice, expert, or somewhere in between, there is always something to learn from a day of guided fishing.