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Miles is an up-and-coming guide for Big Sky Anglers with a truly unique background.  Growing up on the streets of New York City, Miles and his friends chased striped bass with their fly rods from the Bronx, along the East River, and down to the jetties in Queens. In between, they would ride the train up to the Catskills and fish dries on fabled rivers such as the Beaverkill and the West Branch of the Delaware River.  Over the years Miles has lived and fished along the central California coast, in Northern Georgia, and in rural Indiana.  Miles served with distinction in the US Army’s special operations community, as a member of 1st Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment.   A Ranger School graduate, two deployments to Afghanistan and a wide variety of special operations training in all environments makes him no stranger to the outdoors, and a respectful and professional individual of the highest order.   

After leaving the Army in the Spring of 2015, Miles decided to spend his summers in West Yellowstone. Miles quickly began to soak up local knowledge and learn the area’s waters as well as many of the long time locals.  His drive and knowledge led to him to search for work in the fishing world.  Now, he splits time between guiding, shop work, and tying flies for many of town’s regulars.  When he’s not out on the water, you can find Miles at the Big Sky Anglers flyshop. He truly enjoys swapping stories with all the visiting anglers that come through West, learning and imparting knowledge at the same time. 

You will never find Miles on the same piece of water day after day. Whether he’s on Hebgen Lake, the Madison, or deep in the Yellowstone backcountry, he loves to explore all that our area has to offer.  Miles believes that fly fishing in any capacity or location makes all your worldly problems and worries vanish behind the sound of the river, the wild around you, and the rhythm of your casting stroke. 

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