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Mickey Wooten was already a long-time fixture in the West Yellowstone fishing and guiding scene when he joined the Big Sky Anglers team in 2021.  

Hailing from Dyersburg in western Tennessee, Mickey cut his fishing teeth on warm-water species, and later made trips over to Arkansas to chase trout on the famous tailwaters.  He came to explore Yellowstone for the first time as a senior in high school, on a snowmobile trip, and returned the following summer with his flyrod.  Mickey connected with Yellowstone on a deep level and quickly found work that allowed him to get to know Yellowstone’s wilderness and fisheries intimately.  Beginning in 1995, he worked as a chef at the one and only Old Faithful Inn, and eventually became a fishing guide in 2002. 

When we asked Mickey if there was a specific type of fishing that he really enjoys, he answered, “Well, I really like dry fly fishing, of course… and streamers… and nymphing… and swinging flies.”  His answer trailed off into a slow laugh.  It was a perfect description of Mickey as an angler and guide – well rounded and devoted to all methods.

Mickey is also a skilled, creative, and very experienced fly tier, having tied for himself and his buddies as well as for numerous fly shops for years.

In the off season and in his free time Mickey guides snowmobile trips in Yellowstone Park and enjoys bowhunting, playing music, and channeling his inner bird nerd with binoculars in hand.

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