meet Mike

Mike Swanson is a second generation fishing guide in the West Yellowstone area who has been at it since 1993.  His father and three uncles were all fishing guides in Yellowstone Park in the 40s, when the Swanson family began to put down their roots in the area.  Mike grew up in sunny San Diego and spent summers in Yellowstone country, he has spent a lot of his time over the years around our local fly shops and has picked up more than a few tricks from the various fishing legends that have put in their time here in our town.  He has been a year round resident of West Yellowstone for over 35 years, where he has guided fly fishermen in the summers and snowcoach tours in the winters.  He is well versed in Yellowstone matters and full of bits of local knowledge. 

A day on the water with Mike is one full of laughs, light conversation, and FUN.  He loves to spend the days with beginners and teach them the fundamentals of fly fishing, fishing dry flies whenever possible.  Mike runs a lot of trips with youngsters and families and has always especially enjoyed the dynamics that those trips present.  

Swanny is also our only staffer here at Big Sky Anglers that is a survivor of the massive 1959 Madison earthquake that led to the formation of Quake Lake.  He was 2 ½ years old at the time, snoozing at the Old Town Café!  

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