meet Joe

Joe Moore founded the original version of Big Sky Anglers in 2004. Since 1996, he’d been employed by fly shops on the Missouri River and in West Yellowstone as both a shop manager and fishing guide. Big Sky Anglers was, at that time, a small scale outfitting business allowing Joe to move around the state and follow the fishing. Offering outstanding guided fishing throughout Southwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky Anglers thrived as a result of the hard work that Joe and his staff of guides put in every day. It remained Joe’s business alone until the merger with Jonathan and Justin in 2016.

position - founder, co-owner, guide, travel host

I was born in Quincy, IL.

About ten years ago my parents informed me that I was concieved in the Fall of 1975 at Madison Junction. So, I bascially migrated down the Misssissippi to St. Louis, then ran up the Missouri to Three Forks and found my way up the Madison River all the way back to West Yellowstone.

I actually started BSA in my garage in the fall of 2004, so I've been here since day one.

My dad, Tom, spent countless hours teaching me how to fly fish from a very young age. When I got a little older, my Dad and his brothers started taking me on fishing trips with them.

I don't really have an off season these days. But, when things finally slow down in the fall, I love to chase my Drahthaars around the American West looking for upland birds. In the winter, Molly (my better half) and I enjoy back country skiing. I also make my way down to Cuba and Argentina in the winter months hosting anglers. Recently, I got back into music and started playing my guitar again.

Iceland for big ass brown trout. BC for stealhead with Justin. Sea Run browns in Patagonia. Limay Medio anytime in late April or May.

Not specifically in that order!

The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog

A professonal soccer player.

Playing guitar and training my bird dogs.