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BSA Jojo's PMD

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-- Big Sky Anglers Signature Fly Pattern --

Ask any group of veteran anglers around Montana what their favorite hatch is, and you will be sure to get more than a couple of votes for the Pale Morning Dun (PMD). Why? They are found on essentially every rive and stream in our area. They can be found hatching from May through August. They are prolific hatchers, occasionally carpeting the river in awe inspiring numbers. And, to top it off, every life stage of the insect and phase of the hatch presents fun and interesting opportunities to the fly angler.

Afficionados of the PMD are always looking for new imitations and fooling around with old ones. It’s all part of the fun. Of course, Joe is no different, and this pattern of his has proven itself on our home water’s time and time again.

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