Art for Everyone - 40% off Fall Sticker Sale

Art for Everyone - 40% off Fall Sticker Sale

Art and Fly Fishing have a lot in common.  Both have the ability to alter moods for the better and bring an inner peace.  Both require practice, skill, and patience to perform.  Both can inspire by being simply beautiful to behold.  We at Big Sky Anglers are truly fortunate to have many wonderful artists as friends that inspire us and remind us of the beauty in our world every single day.   

For years, BSA has been partnering with artist friends like Mimi Matsuda, Emily Palmer Treece, David McGuffie, Kory Miller, and Dave and Emily Whitlock because we love what they do and want to share their art with all of you.   Together, we’ve created a pile of fun and colorful sticker designs that, for a limited time, are available at 40% off & Free Shipping in our web shop if you use the code ART4EVERYONE at checkout. 

We have these art sticker designs printed for us by Sticker Mule and they are all super durable, weatherproof, scratch-resistant and tough enough to even handle the dishwasher if you ever goof up.  That’s definitely more than you can say for your average Monet or Picasso painting.  

Many of these pieces of art have great stories and origins right here at Big Sky Anglers.  The Dead Angler, by David McGuffie is inspired by one of our favorite bands, the Grateful Dead.   We discovered the Madison River Stonefly Freak, Madison Sculpin Grabber, and Henry’s Fork Midge Sipper art by Dave Whitlock in old Bud Lilly’s mail order catalogs in our basement and worked with Dave before he passed away last fall to bring these super creative sketches back into the light.  Emily Palmer Treece created her fantastic Green Drake to honor one of the most anticipated hatches of the year on her/our home water, The Henry’s Fork.   The Yellowstone Experience, by Kory Miller, conjures images and memories from so many days angling and exploring through the Park.   And Mimi Matsuda’s Spey Bear perfectly combines the image of an iconic creature, incredible fall scenery, and the beauty of Spey casting into one colorful, whimsical scene as only she could. 

Art has always had a place in our hearts, and as such, art will always have a place in our flyshop.  Art makes us happy, and we hope it makes you happy too.  Since art is for everyone, we want to make it easier than ever for anyone who loves art to get some of their very own. 

So, enter code: ART4EVERYONE at checkout, and enjoy 40% off during our Fall Sticker Sale

Enter code: ART4EVERYONE to receive 40% OFF!

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