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Big Sky Country Lakes Report - June 29, 2023
While the chironomids remain the most prevalent and important insect on Hebgen currently, anglers willing to explore venues either lower in elevation or shallower in depth may find some fun thanks to Callibaetis and damselfly activity.  This time of year...
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Big Sky Country Lakes Report - June 22, 2023
We've entered an "in between" time on some of our local stillwaters when the activity of post ice-out fishing has waned, and the warming necessary to spur on "summertime" action hasn't quite fired up yet.  There is still some fun fishing...
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Big Sky Country Lakes Report - June 1, 2023
On Henry’s the tomfoolery surrounding the “false spawn” is rapidly waning and chironomid activity is picking up speed.  Look for chironomid emergence activity to start in the mid-morning on warmer days, and at midday or even in the afternoon on cooler days.  Be prepared with pupa and emerger patterns in a range of sizes, and examine the shucks on the water and bugs in the air to select a size.  If you can find a live pupa, note the color!  While most of our early season chironomids have dark bodies, there can be some surprises.   
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Big Sky Country Lakes Report - May 25, 2023
The ice has been off the local lakes for a bit now and we are in that early season pattern where the diverse bug activity and dry fly action still isn’t quite revved up yet, but the subsurface opportunities abound. Among...
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Big Sky Country Lakes Report - September 1, 2022
We’ve been seeing some great fishing on Hebgen Lake lately. Callibaetis hatches have been strong, with good spinner falls, and finally the trout are in “gulper” mode, patterning their rises. When the trout are putting only two and three rises...
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