Henry's Fork

of the snake river

Henry's Fork Reports

Henry's Fork Report - May 25, 2023
Henry’s Fork Streamflows Island Park Dam:  1020 cfs Ashton Dam:  3040 cfs St. Anthony:  4790 cfs Fall River:  3070 cfs Memorial Day weekend is coming in with decent river conditions throughout the Fork, the pace of snowmelt has been a...
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Henry's Fork Report - Spring Freshet Update
Spring Freshet on the Henry’s Fork There’s been quite a bit of banter about the Henry's Fork lately, especially surrounding “spring freshets”. A planned freshet was just executed from Island Park Dam on the Henry’s Fork, with flows increased to around 2,000 cfs...
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Henry's Fork Recap 2022
     2022 was a year that seemed to lack only consistency with both weather and water.  It seemed to defy the forecast in ways both good and bad.  After a winter with an extremely low snowpack and relatively low...
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Henry's Fork Report - October 20, 2022
Henry’s Fork River by Jonathan Heames Island Park Dam: 159 cfs Ashton Dam: 756 cfs St. Anthony: 801 cfs Fall River: 388 cfs The Henry’s Fork is holding up nicely, though the flows are low, as is typical of this...
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