Henry's Fork Report - July 6, 2023

Henry's Fork Report - July 6, 2023

Henry’s Fork Streamflows

Island Park Dam:  826 cfs

Ashton Dam:  1810 cfs

St. Anthony:  1290 cfs

Fall River:  621 cfs

Henry’s Fork country is in good shape and has provided anglers with plenty of fun fishing this past week.  There is still quality fishing to be found throughout its length, from the high country to the low.  The week to come shows promise with some potential of alterations in flows but not likely to be drastic, a few days of a slightly cooler northern breeze will give way to some warmer and sunnier weather as the 7 days unfold.

Box Canyon

Flows in the Box are comfortable for rowing and fishing, and anglers can find good fishing in here whether it be for a quick float or an all-day endeavor.  Nymphing, as ever, remains the lead choice in rigs, but there are Golden Stones around from time to time in varying quantities and can provide some good dry fly fishing.  PMDs and caddis have dominated the hatches in here, but be on the lookout for green drake and flav opportunities in the week to come, both nymphs and adults.  We like to come prepared with black Rubberlegs 6-10, PTs 12-16, Tactical R/L PTs 12-16, Split Case PMDs 14-16, red and brown Zebra midges 14-16, SH Hare’s Ears 14-16, Hare/Copper 14-16, and your favorite perdigons (Spanish Bullet, Bullet Quill, Olive Hot Spot, CDC France Fly, Napoleon Jigs in a 14-18 are all good choices.

Railroad Ranch

The Ranch has had a fun week overall and the coning one shows lots of promise.  Green and brown drakes have been around, PMDs, and caddis still present as well.  While some of the big bugs get much of the attention, deservingly, astute Ranch anglers will knowingly prepare their boxes with spinners of all sorts this week in addition to their favorite drake imitations.  Trout feeding on spinners are often more relaxed and rhythmic than those that are in pursuit of large, emerging mayflies.  Some of the most successful fishing of the day can be found outside the windows of exciting drake opportunities.  Take a moment to observe your target and develop an idea of its behavior and feeding circuit.  Many of our trouts’ first reaction to sensing they are being fished to is to begin to move around while feeding, others are already doing it on their own.  Identifying this early in the pursuit can lead to great opportunities.  Be prepared with caddis imitations in adult, spent and emergent in 14-18, both dark and tan.  Spinners range from brown drakes to PMDs in 10-16, both rusty and cream in the smaller sizes is useful.  We are on the lookout for flav emergences this week to contribute to the daily spinner and emergent activity.    

Canyon Country

The canyon sections of the Henry’s Fork are settling into their summertime grooves.  Flows are high enough to keep things moving right along but low enough to see more clearly some of the structure.  During the summer months we are prepared to dry/drop, indicator nymph fish in spots, and throw streamers depending on what the day gives us.  A “Chubberlegs” is the first choice, but exchanging the rubberlegs nymph for a large perdigon or other beadhead in a 12-14 is a good option as well to increase hookups.  Golden Stones are around throughout the summer and justify the dry fly part of the dry/dropper rig.  As ever, don’t head into the canyons without being prepared for weather, things can show up suddenly without any indication, good rain gear saves not only lives but days that should be spent fishing!

Warm River to Ashton

This reach of the Henry’s Fork has been providing some action-filled days for anglers of all skill levels.  There is still dry fly fishing to be had, but it’s getting more and more directed towards the morning hours, but opportunity is there for those who seek it.  Otherwise, indicator nymph rigs and dry/dropper rigs have been getting the job done out there.  Be on the lookout for golden stones, caddis, PMDs, and grey drake spinners, take a moment to pull over and watch for trout to reveal themselves while bug activity is present.  Fly selection is similar to the Box Canyon less the green drakes and flavs.

Below Ashton Reservoir

There is still game throughout the system, which is an historically rare statement after the 4th of July on the lower Henry’s Fork.  With the coming hot days of summer, bug activity will begin to wane, but has held up this past week and shows signs of holding into the next.  PMDs, flavs, caddis, golden stones, and the odd grey drake are all on the menu down there, but spinners seem to be the name of the game.  Mornings have been and continue to be good, but afternoons are the wild card and depend on the weather.  Evening fishing continues to be good with flavs and caddis.  Come prepared with grey drake spinners, flav and pmd spinners, both rusty, green, and yellow 14-16, caddis 16-18, and golden stones 6-10.  The end of this week should have anglers being mindful of water temps and know that 70 degrees is on the way, fishing quality drops away considerably once these temps have been reached.

Get out there and have fun!

THE Henry's Fork

The Henry's Fork Foundation is the only organization whose sole purpose is to conserve, protect, and restore the unique fisheries, wildlife, and aesthetic qualities of the Henry's Fork and its watershed.

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Railroad Ranch

A mere mention of the storied Railroad Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork conjures images of expansive flats with large rainbow trout sipping away on the surface.  It's technical waters, and sophisticated fish have earned the reputation of PHD level dry fly fishing. Countless innovations in flies, and techniques have been spawned here, and few places will test an anglers ability more absolutely. Simply put, it is one of the most iconic pieces of trout water on Earth. 

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