Henry's Fork Report - July 11, 2024

Henry's Fork Report - July 11, 2024

Henry’s Fork Streamflows

Island Park Dam:  1620 cfs

Ashton Dam:  2640 cfs

St. Anthony:  1160 cfs

Fall River:  233 cfs

Irrigation season is in full swing in Henry’s Fork Country, while most rivers in the area are dropping and just now coming into their summer flows, the Henry’s Fork is back up to almost runoff levels through Ashton Reservoir.  Though this doesn’t provide favorable conditions for solid hatches, it does provide a healthy environment for the trout of the river and creates its own fishing opportunities.  With temperatures in the 90’s off the caldera and in the 80’s in the caldera next week, anglers should be seeking shade or fast, oxygenated water or cloudy conditions in the midday hours.  The most reliable dry fly fishing will be found in the mornings.

Box Canyon

At these flows, you’d be hard-pressed to hit a rock in the Box Canyon, this is a great time for a half day’s float, whether it be for a streamer run, golden stone run, or an enjoyable evening on the river.  Full and productive days can be spent in here as well, the higher flows seem to breathe a breath of life into the fishery mid-summer.  Longer leaders, more weight and slightly more aggressive flies will give good results with indicator nymphing.  2 BB shot aren’t too many in certain runs, but a single BB will be a good place to start.  We are liking Rubberlegs Stonefly nymphs #6-10, Red and Claret SJW’s #8-10, Olive or Black Bouface Leech, #10, Olive HP Caddis Pupa #14, Hare/Copper #14-16, Red Zebra Midges #14, Rednecks #14-16, and Tactical R/L PTs #12-14.  Great time to pull out those big-headed perdigons as well, some of our favorites are:  Olive Hot Spot #14-16, PMD Bomb #14, Spanish Bullet #14-16, Bullet Quill #14-16, and Jig Napoleons in Red and Olive #14-16.  Dry fly anglers will do well to stick to Golden Stone variants, we love the Lawson’s HF Golden Stone #6-14, Waterwalkers #8-10, and BSA Razorback Golden #8-10.  Plenty of Goldens around on sunny afternoons these days.

Railroad Ranch

Ranch-bound anglers will do best to focus on the morning hours in hopes of a spinner fall reflecting PMDs, Flavs, and Gray Drakes.  Spotty PMD hatches can be found in the afternoons, but anglers should plan on seeking those out by covering some ground in search of rising trout.  If a box of terrestrials ended up in your vest this week, it wouldn’t be the worst idea, there could be a few hoppers and flying ants about.  Sparse insects will likely characterize the hatches on the Ranch this week, but patient anglers who exhibit strong observational skills and good snapshot casting abilities can fare well.  A little imagination goes a long way when playing this game of sparsely rising targets.  Do your best to isolate your target and differentiate it from other trout that may be rising in the area, focusing on its movement and rhythm.  When you are locked on to a trout, your opportunity will present itself, be ready to execute in this moment for a higher success rate out there.  Remember to let them eat the fly and wait on your hookset!

Canyon Country

This can be a fun time to float the more remote canyon country, but higher water makes it more difficult to penetrate the holding water.  Heavily weighted streamers and droppers will help with this, but so will keeping a keen eye out for what is fishable water and what isn’t!  Focus on areas where you can see some of the bottom’s structure and fish those areas well.  A raft is a must down here at the moment as well as solid oarsmanship.

Warm River to Ashton

Plenty of fun to be had down here for those anglers wishing to find a little more in the way of action than might be found elsewhere on the Henry’s Fork.  Indicator rigs are the standard fare at these flows, but dry/dropper and streamer rigs will both produce quality fish as well.  Nymph choices should reflect those of the Box Canyon, with a little more emphasis on the rubberlegs and leeches, this is a good time of year to throw out a hearty meal as one of your offerings below a strike indicator.

Below Ashton Dam

At these flows and coming temperatures, now is a good time to give the lower river a break, water temps won’t take too long to reach 70 degrees each day and hatches are pretty well done for down there. 

Good luck out there!

THE Henry's Fork

The Henry's Fork Foundation is the only organization whose sole purpose is to conserve, protect, and restore the unique fisheries, wildlife, and aesthetic qualities of the Henry's Fork and its watershed.

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Railroad Ranch

A mere mention of the storied Railroad Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork conjures images of expansive flats with large rainbow trout sipping away on the surface.  It's technical waters, and sophisticated fish have earned the reputation of PHD level dry fly fishing. Countless innovations in flies, and techniques have been spawned here, and few places will test an anglers ability more absolutely. Simply put, it is one of the most iconic pieces of trout water on Earth. 

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