position - shop manager, buyer

I am from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

I started working at BSA in April 2020.

I had a Friend In College show me the sport. Northern Michigan University had numerous small streams within 50 miles of campus. This was the first time I tried fishing in moving water. Using a  fly rod in these small streams just clicked with me. I don’t believe a day went by that I didn’t practice my craft.

I’m at the shop 12 months a year, but during my winter season, I like Snowboarding, Cross Country Skiing, and Swinging for Steelhead.

Next bucket List trip for me would be Swinging flies in Tierre Del Feugo for those seas run Browns

The Current book I’m reading is Matching Baitfish By: Kevin Feenstra

When I was 10 I wanted to be a Professional Skateboarder

What keeps me busy when I’m not at work is Tying Flies and spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.