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BBT from 2010.

These things are swimming up the river…….some folks are already here tempting them to eat their swung flies and drifted offerings.   This afternoon, ER and myself paroosed the Madison in YNP looking for trout of the Hebgen kind.  We hit up four different runs and cranked up the Drive By Truckers (GoGo Boots) inbetween our spots.  We found some fish, but had to work for ’em.   I like it when the fish make me think and work – just a bit – to hook them….it’s more sporting that way.  Besides, it wouldn’t as fun if we roped them every single day all day, now would it?  NO…..is the correct answer. 

Sure, it’s fun to hook piles of trout, but I believe there is reward in figuring out the game and then roping a bunch of big ones.