Wolf on the Madison River - YNP.

On Wednesday December 15th, Yellowstone National Park will open for the Winter Season.   This wolf pictured above was photographed on the Madison River about 8 miles from the West Entrance near Mount Haynes.   Last season, 2 to 3 wolf packs were using the West side of YNP on a weekly basis.  Wolves typically weren’t using the West side, up until last couple of years and most wolf sightings were in the northern, central and eastern reaches of  YNP.  Toward the end of last Winter a new pack arrived in the Park and took up residency on the Madison River.  Some folks think these wolves came in via Idaho in search of new territory and food.  While an avid outdoorsman and lover of all things wild, I do believe that these animals – wolves – need to be managed…..just like every other species in ID, WY, MT and the rest of the country.

To learn more about snowcoach tours in YNP, check out Yellowstone Alpen Guides.   Pictured below is a string of Vintage B12 Bombardiers, which have been owned and operated by Scott Carsley since 1984.   This truely is one of the last unique outdoor experiences left in North America.  Come see why.  Avoid the busy times and come after New Years, thing seems to quiet down after the Holidays. 

All lined up and ready to roll - through YNP.