YNP & a snowpack update

by | Feb 22, 2014 | 0 comments

The past month has been a blur.  Without a doubt, this season has been as busy as I want to be while snow coaching in Yellowstone and trying to run a fishing business as well.   The past three months in YNP are comparable to May, June, July, August, Sept and October, except that it’s much colder.  This cold, snowy, windy weather takes it’s toll a little quicker than summer’s warm days and driving these Bombs 150 miles or more each day will wear, even the seasoned guide, to the bone.  There are only three weeks left and yes, I will miss this job when it finishes up on March 15th.  Where did the winter go?

While these photos show us deep into Winter, angling is not far away.  Each day continues to get longer and this will lead to spring.   Some folks around here think it’s here, but if you asked a Bison, they would say otherwise.  April will be here soon enough and that’s when fishing starts to get really good.  We have quite a few spring trips booked this season and if you haven’t experienced Montana’s other fishing season, maybe it’s time.

Montana Snow Pack

It’s been dumping here in West Yellowstone and throughout Yellowstone National Park for the past ten days or so.  Not everyday has been a blizzard, but consistent snow has fallen from the skies.  Most of this snow has been laden with water and making a snowball straight from the ground has been possible from time to time.  Prior to this, the mountains were slim, but now we are back above 100% and headed into the wettest part of winter.  March, April and May is when things really get loaded up in the high country.  The past several years have a seen a mid-March warm spell, so it will be interesting to see if this occurs once again.

Jefferson River Drainage – 128%

Madison River Drainage – 111%

Gallatin River Drainage – 119%

Missouri Headwaters – 120%