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 Life has been really busy thus far in 2012.  Many miles in Yellowstone NP have been driven and the phone continues to ring with inquiring minds requesting information for 2012 fishing trips.  

 I have no idea when the Salmonflies will hatch…..I won’t even try to guess right now as the snowpack has us all quessing about the 2012 Season.  Those with 10 + years under their belt know that we can get feet in snow in just a few days and that Mother Nature will always keep us on our toes.  A big storm is headed our way and with months like Feb, March, April and May still ahead, there is plenty of time for snow to fall. 

 Snow Pack Report:  Slim is the word….for now…….if coming to MT to ski, you better bring your rock skiis.

Jefferson  – 66%

Madison – 64%

Gallatin – 67%

Sweet ride for the newlyweds.