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Looking west towards the Hilgards.

Up late this evening…..tying up loose ends.  Apparently, there is a storm coming sometime tomorrow afternoon that might actually require the use of a snowblower.  While we are saving gas in that realm, we are buring the shit out of the firewood.  Warmer weather is in the forecast,  but of course warmer here is still super cold everywhere else outside of the northern Rockies.  December has been a chilly month and January, I heard, is supposed to be more tolerable.  We’ll see………..

Beehive in full eruption.

Twice now this week, while waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, Beehive has gone off.  This geyser has one of the loudest eruptions anywhere in the Park.  On our way out this evening, a youngster in the back of my rig, hollared out, “wow….check it out” and we all turned over to see this wolf stroll out of the woods and walk about 125 yards from us.  We parked, opened the doors to take some pics and watched him from the van for about 5 minutes.  This grey has been seen quite a bit during the past 5 days, just cruising around by himself.  I have yet to see it, but there is another grey wandering around as well, with out a collar.  A black bear was seen early this morning on Fountain Flats.  We stopped and checked out the tracks, but he was long gone to the Porcupine Hills. 

A collared wolf near Nez Perce Creek.


same wolf....