The sun sets over Island Geyser.

Lots of long days around here so far this year and the next 5 weeks are lined up with more of the same.  Thankfully, my days are spent within the confines of Yellowstone National Park.  2.2 Million acres of wildness.  Bison are so close at times, I can see the reflection of my snowcoach in their eyes.  Bison are quite amazing animals and almost seem prehistoric. Especially the loner 1800lb bull bison with hair like Don King.  This evening, I watched a bobcat creep up on a pair of mallards along the Madison River.  Unlucky the bobcat was, but watching this cat was truely a unique experience.  I couldn’t leave and at one point was the only person not in my coach.  Opps…………..Yellowstone is addictive and learning about it everyday is something worth taking a little extra time for. 

Big kitty along on the Madison River.

Having been in the market for a Nikon and wanting the D5000 to drag around Yellowstone, I almost pulled the trigger tonight online.  With the ease of a few clicks, my credit card would have been  smacked for $850.  Then would have come a polarzing filter for $80, new Pelican case for about $100, a memory card, extra battery….the lsit goes on.  Hmmmmmmm…….while trying to explain the necessity of this to Molly, I realized it wasn’t in the cards just yet.  Soon, though.  Very soon.

More Bombs than you can shake a stick at.

 Just after pulling in to Moose Falls near the South Gate, this squad of 6 YNP Bombs pulled moments later.  This has got to be the most running B12 Bombardiers anywhere in the world.   The YNP Bombs need a little love, but they run well and get around the Park just fine.  I wish YNP would upgrade the motors and add a muffler because keeping them running is the only way to go.  Their new Big Boxes aren’t cool at all it from what we here, they are terrible to drive.  The gaint ruts in the road are a huge problem. 

Cruising in Style.