Yellowstone National Park – Fishing Report

by | Aug 17, 2011 | 0 comments

Gordon, Phillip & Herm - love'n it.

Gordon, Phillip and I have fished together for the past 9 years.  This season, they brought another family member along, Uncle Herm, to experience Yellowstone and Montana’s fly fishing.  Thus far, we have had a blast walking all over the NE Corner catching cutties on dry flies.  Sound like fun?  September will be just as good……you coming out?  You should…..

Gordon, somewhere in YNP.

Walking will get you places that no one else goes to.  While these types of trips aren’t for everyone, there is just something about fishing all day without seeing a single person.  Try that on the Soda Butte near the confluence of the Lamar…..not a snow balls chance in hell.  Bear spray is a requirement when walking in the backcountry of YNP, actually, one should be carrying bear spray where ever they are in YNP.  Bears seem to be everywhere this season.  We found fresh griz tracks and saw the biggest pile of bear shit, still wet and green, that I have ever seen – ever.  It felt as if someone or something was watching us all day long.

The white Alpha Female - Canyon Pack

While driving through the Gibbon Meadows in YNP, this wolf was eating an elk calf.    At one point, when the crowd got too much for her, she picked up the elk calf and carried it back in the trees.  Apparently, some folks watched as several wolves chased a herd of elk through the meadow, across the Gibbon River, over the road and then this wolf caught a calf.  

Ruffed Grouse

What I like about hiking in YNP, is that one can see lots of wildlife and fishing almost becomes secondary.  Sure, we are here to fish, but if you really enjoy the out of doors, then watching wildlife should be just as cool.  Our trips in to Yellowstone National Park focus on fly fishing, but we often stop to view wildlife and that does cut into the fishing time.   Rarely will we fish 8 hours when traveling over to the NE Corner of Yellowstone.  Normally, we get in about 5-6 hours of fishing as the drive back and forth takes up a bit of time. 

Griz on the Soda Butte.