Yellowstone National Park

by | Aug 8, 2011 | 0 comments

Somewhere in YNP

 The Italians (Enrico & Andrea) and I have been hiking around YNP for the past two days.  We have spent our time in the NE Corner of Yellowstone and no, I won’t say exactly where.  It has taken me over 15 years to figure some of these spots out and flat out saying where we are fishing just ain’t cool.   Today was fantastic with trout rising all day.  Grab your boots, a buddy,  some bear spray, your dry flies and start hiking.  I was introduced to the NE Corner of YNP back in 1992 – Thanks Dad.  All these streams will fish on through September with hoppers, ants, beetles, spruce moths, stoneflies and mayfly imitations.  We have one more day of fishing and I still have yet to make the decision on where to go for their last day. 

Drying out.

 Most often, I will change flies about 3 times for refusing Cutthroat Trout.  That is what it usually takes……and a drag free drift of course, to hook these fish.  Cutties are known to be dumb, but they still want the fly drifting free.  Refusing a fly normally means that other adventurous anglers have been fishing these streams and like us -are having a blast fishing for trout which rise.  There are lots of nice cutthroat and cutt-bows in YNP this year.  I really have a problem with some folks who want to kill all the cutt-bows.    Politics and fly fishing don’t belong in the same conversation.  A fish is a fish and just because some poeple don’t want them around doesn’t mean they’re right.  SAVE THE CUTT-BOW!

Wood - old and new.

 This chunk of petrified wood weighed almost 30 lbs.  Large peices like this are rare anymore because they walked out in someone’s backpack.  While I really wanted to take this home, it is illegal to take anything out of YNP.  Now maybe someone else will be provoked to think about how long this peice of wood has been around – 50 Millions years?  Maybe so. 

Stonefly Shuck