52 Below Zero.......

This morning it is 52 BELOW ZERO……yes, I’m not bullshiting.  This photo is from my front porch – Mercury doesn’t lie.  Luckily, there is no wind.  February is normally our warmer month, but so far this one has been damn cold.  Not quite sure what to think about this kind of weather.  It is supposed to warm up today to 15……..that sounds warm.  My snowcoach will be warm too……..

I will give an update on the Montana Stream Access Law.  Last week at my Board of Directors meeting for FOAM (Fishing Outfitters Assoc. of Montana), we heard about the proposed re-wording of the MT Stream Access Law.   We have a lobbyist in Helena who listens to the MT State Legislative Sessions and send us reports of anything pertaining to the fishing, hunting and outfitting world.

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