Winter…..just like that.

by | Oct 24, 2010 | 0 comments

A new white glaze for the highcountry....more is coming.

There was supposed to be snow on the ground this morning at my house, which would have made for excellent elk hunting around the mountains of Hebgen Lake.  Instead we were greated with rain and a very wet woods.  While it was much quiter underfoot today, the were no elk talking at all……atleast where I was hunting.   Tomorrow could be killer if the Weatherman is right and we get the 4-8 inches at 6500 feet.  Tracking fresh tracks in the snow is much easier than old tracks in the pouring rain.  The clouds parted for a few mintues this morning and I took the shot above from my porch, while making a late breakfast of bacon and eggs.  My gear is soaked and drying for the rest of the day.  It feels like streamer weather, I think I shall wet a line in YNP later today.  Snow is in the forecast for the next four days, with any luck I will have an elk on the ground before the Airstream leaves for Eastern Montana.   There are good solid numbers of trout in the Madison above Hebgen Lake and with this kind of weather, someone is bound to get a really big trout.  I am gunning for a 2 footer  or better.  I love this time of the year.