Winter Angling….

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Madison Range

Our weather in SW Montana over the past week has been wonderful. Highs in the 30’s and low hasn’t been below zero for awhile.  Since things have slowed down in YNP, I have had time to get out and do some fishing.  Greg Falls has also been out enjoying the weather and has floated the Missouri three times in the last 10 days. While it may be cold, the fish are biting on both the Madison and Missouri Rivers.  Nymphing is king, but I did manage to hook a trout yesterday on a dry fly just upstream of Reynolds Pass Bridge.  Remember, winter fishing can be a bit monotonous……yes…..boring is another word for it.  Fish live in deep, slow runs and won’t move far to eat you flies.  Make 30 casts in the same spot, mend, mend again, keep it wet, long drifts and set the hook everytime the bobber hesitates. Trout are subtle in the winter.  Think of watching football on Sundays and not moving far from the couch, moving only to reach for your beer or cocktail, maybe to grab a handful of chips.


G. Hardy with a 2010 Brown Trout.  Missouri River.

Nymphing on the Missouri with midges, scuds, SJ Worms, firebead flies, #18 Mayflies and sow bugs is the ticket during the cold winter months.  Too cold for you?  Well, buck up, gear up and hit the river. Ever heard of handwarmers?  No excuses this season.  If you do head up to the Missouri River, check out Headhunter’s Fly Shop in Craig, MT.  The folks around there are extremely helpful and enjoy sharing their knowlegde of the Missouri River. 


G. Falls on the Missouri River.

Stayed tuned for angling reports, fly tying videos and YNP updates throughout the Winter.