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Those damn fly cups…..

Since the wind won’t let up today, spoiling my angling efforts, I decided to finally sift through all the fly cups which accumulated last season. 39 cups total.  Most guides will work out of these cups all season long, as its too much of a pain in arse to organize these during the season.  I love the look on a customer’s face when I pull about 15 of these out and look through them for scuds, beatis or whatever I tied last night, only to find what I needed in another fly cup which was in my waders.  Fly cups are great for a number of different uses.  Split shot, bobbers, coins, etc all fit inside these little containers quite well. When I used to work in a fly shop, we would duct tape a flycup together, (which was filled with corkies for a little extra weight) and then play hockey on the floor at Madison River Outfitters.  Brodin Nets work well for the goalie and I preferred a long handled Guide net accompanied by a wading net.  For the shooter’s stick, we would take a plastic display, which has a perfect angle on it,  cut it to shape and duct tape that to the long dowel we used to get hats down from the log beams……these games were always played after the work was finished ofcourse.


The wind blows as Huck watches the bison roam.