Wind & Rain….and a few trout on dries

by | Jul 14, 2009 | 0 comments

p1010025.JPG  Todd N. and a nice Madison Brown fooled with a Golden.

The last few days on the upper Madison have been a windy SOB.  When the mayflies and caddis emerged today, they were picked off the surface and blown to Bozeman.  There has been rain in the valley somewhere everyday of the last week. …or two.  Some of the storms have been pretty violent at times, putting us on the bank to watch the weather unfold. 

The Salmonflies are in pockets around the valley.  They are not quite past Pine Butte, but the hatch doesn’t seem to be very thick.  We are not seeing tons of big bugs flying and the trout actually have eaten a Golden better than their cousins the Salmonfly.   Fish it smaller…….caddis, pmds, flavs and sallies are more productive throughout the day, however, large dry flies with work from time to time….especially in the afternoon.  The Lyons Bridge crowd is not too bad this season, but Palisades has been virtually empty.  Windy Point is now closed and they have begun construction on the new ramp…..finally.