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Dumping hard in SW MT….keep on praying…..8:00 am

After a quick FOAM meeting in Three Forks yesterday I met up with Greg, Jim and Jeff on the Gallatin River. We caught a few fish on stoneflies, SJ Ws, egg patterns and prince nymphs.  These boys fish this river a couple times a week and said that today was slow.   The sun was high and the wind was howling, bringing in this snowstorm. There is another one backed up against this one……for those of you who have been praying to the snow & trout gods, well, it’s working.  Keep it up. Sacrifice a lamb or better yet, build a huge “White Man’s Fire”, dance around it, drink a bunch of whiskey and burn an old pair of waders.  If your kids are around, prep them beforehand….bribe them with a 20 spot and have them tell your better half that you need some well deserved time on a river in Montana……

says child to Mom “Gee Mom, Dad is acting a bit weird. I think he needs to go on a fishing trip. The sooner the better.”


Can you find the Baetis?