White it is

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8 - 10 Inches

Just when I thought it might be safe to flip the driftboat and drag out the trailer……wham…..it dumped……..West Yellowstone called 8 to 10, Bozeman got 3.  One could double that up in the mountains.   Hard spring to be an elk or bison.  How will the elk fare this spring?  Well, there are still 2000 head in the Cameron flats of the Madison Valley.  No calves yet, but that is normal.  Elk calve from late May to early June. 

Snowpack Report – Snow water equivalent, actuall snowfall is higher in most cases.

Madison – 129%

Gallatin – 136%

Jefferson – 129 %

West Yellowstone – 167%………………….crack another beer.  Tie some more flies. 


Madison below Hebgen – 1040 cfs………trout are spawning!!!! Stay off those redds…..dirtbags.

Madison @ Cameron – 1310 cfs……goog flow for Mac to Varney.

Missouri below Holter – 6860………This is up almost 500 cfs from yesterday.  Expect this to get even bigger by the middle of May.  Once snow begins to melt on the Madison, Gallatin and Jefferson, the Missouri is going to swell even more.  Will we hit the big flows of 1997?  Hard to say.  I hope not.  It looks like there are folks paying attention to the snowpack and therefore we are seeing these increases in flows on the Missouri.  Bust out the crayfish….the worms, and the 6 lb. Maxima. 

G. Falls has been up on the Missouri guiding for Headhunters Fly Shop.  Most days have been darn good, some a little tough.   I would even go as far to say that angling is better right now than in late August and September.    There are more and more rainbows returning to the Missouri River everyday.  The trout are still hanging on the slow, inside seems and nymphing is king.   BWOs have been hatching with good numbers down around Cascade.