p1010031.JPG     G. Falls and Kevin with a 21 inch Mo River Bow

The past three weeks have been filled with countless hours of fly fishing.  The Madison, the Missouri and the Henry’s Fork are all fishing very well with nymphs, streamers and dry flies.  The dry fly fishing on the Madison is not quite there yet, but the other named rivers are fishing well on top.  This is THE time of the year to come out west and fly fish.  The trout are not yet educated, the crowds aren’t here….yet, and the fishing really doesn’t get any better.

missouri_june_2009_027a.jpg  Martin & Joe with a chunky 19 incher…..Mo River

The Missouri is the hottest spot in the state right now.  Sure, you could go to the Horn, but why?  The Mo’s scenery is superior, there are 35 miles of trout filled bliss to fish and the average trout is 16 inches…….oh ya, I almost forgot to mention the wonderful grub at Izzaks.  John and Melanie, the owners of Izzaks, really have their shit together and offer what I believe to be the best food in any trout-town in MT.

missouri_june_2009_007a.jpg   PB & Kevin with a fat Mo River Brown.

p1010063.JPG   JC with a Fork fatty….

Yesterday I floated the Henry’s Fork with the new head soccer coach of West Lake Highschool, Austin, TX – Johnny Campbell.  JC and I go way back and he just arrived for his 15th summer on the Fork.  If he is not slinking around Harriman Ranch with his custom Birkhiemer in hand, you’ll find him working behind the counter at the Trouthunter……or at the bar with a Shiner.  Since I was off work, we floated from Ora to Chester and saw every type of weather imaginable.  The river was a little off,  and since we didn’t want to stare at a bobber, we only hooked a few trout.  The first emergence of Green Drakes arrived and the bugs didn’t come off in force.  The trout were rising, but not consistently.  It was like a bad day on Hebgen Lake…one here, one there and very random, but it is ofcourse better than grading papers.