by | Jun 13, 2013 | 0 comments

This morning, I took a walk with a buddy, to an unnamed stream in southwest Montana.  A short drive really, and a bit of gamble for the fishing, but shit, who cares about the fishing, right?  We walked slowly upstream, rigged with dry flies and streamers, with hardly a care for how many fish we caught.  Insects hatched, for about twenty minutes, revealing a few heads.  Fishing was tough as rain showers pounded us.  There is something about sitting in the rain, amongst the mountains and clouds, watching storms pass through with regularity.  Sunshine, wind and then rain showers……thank god it’s raining.  Between the two of us, we caught two trout.  That was just fine as this stream has produced many a fish over the past fifteen years.  Some days you get’em, some days you walk in the rain.