Warm winter day

by | Jan 14, 2012 | 0 comments

Winter Bow

 When leaving the house this morning, the W was no where to be seen.  Forecasters were calling for 30 mph gusts with a sustained 15 all day.  After running some errands in town I headed for the Madison Valley.    There were some fellas at Renyolds, so I went on downstream a ways.

Aspen reflection

 There’s a storm a comin’ they say…….I’ll believe it when it shows.   At one point the temp registering on the Sequoia read 37 degrees……..balmy….and windy it was.  A dowstreamer, hence the warm weather.  The fishing was consistent for the hour and half I spent on the water.  Rubber legs and a zebra midge fooled plenty.  

Standing tall