Upper Madison River Fishing Report 02.22.2014

by | Feb 23, 2014 | 0 comments

After a quick run to the dump and to town for some gas, the dogs and I ran down to the Madison Valley.  It was 14 degrees when we departed and slightly blowing.  Rounding Hebgen I was looking forward to spending a couple of hours on the river as it has been over a month since I stepped foot down in the valley.  Upon hitting Quake Lake the wind picked up and was blowing hard…..the kind of wind that makes you want to turn around, head for the couch and watch some English Premier League.   Luckily, I kept driving and once in the Madison Valley, the wind vanished and the temps warmed up a bit to the mid-twenties.  Midges were already rolling down the river at noon and a thin veil of clouds was keeping the sun at bay.  For a Saturday, I was surprised to only see two other anglers.  After fishing the bridge pool, I looked up to see my buddy Neil atop of Reynolds Pass Bridge.  We caught up for a few minutes and decided to walk downstream and work back up.  Over four hours later Neil and I had made our way back to the bridge and went trout for trout the entire time.  Both of us never changed flies, fishing a single midge pattern all afternoon.

Today was one of those days………