Madison River Flows

below Hebgen: 1010 cfs

@ Kirby: 1620 cfs…..quite good for this time of the year.  Very floatable.

The General Season Opener is upon us.  Tomorrow, the season officially starts from Quake Lake to McAtee Bridge. Another guide and myself took a drive to the Madison Valley this afternoon for a look around.  Cabin and Beaver are pumping pretty good, with Cabin throwing a brown line half way across the river.  Quake Lake is greenish-brown and will hold up through the weekend…..maybe a few more days than that.  We are in full run-off mode, so expect the Madison to get a bit more brown.   Will it fish through the mud, you ask?  It did last year.  The photo above is from the Slide and up here, there is about 18-24 inches of visibility – plenty good, in my opinion.   As we headed on downstream, the river got a bit more green as some of the silt fell out.  The West Fork was tea colored and not nearly as brown as I would have thought – a thin ribbon of slightly off color water lines the left bank of the Madison below Lyons Bridge.  The gravel bars are visible and the banks look great all the way down to Mac.  2X, a rubber leg and dropper should work wonders tomorrow.  I will be on the water guiding, so stay tuned for a full report after the weekend is over.