A little more moisture has arrived.

The tributaries across the state are blowing out right and left, raising the big rivers like the Yellowstone, Madison, Missouri and the Big Hole.   Mud season is upon us.   Our recent rains have sent the snowpack tumbling down the mountains, and in the high country, the snowpack is still building.  We need to get some of the mid-level snow melting, and it appears to be happening.  Up here at 6666 feet we have recieved mostly rain, but some heavy wet shit in the form of a snowcone pelts the ground from time to time.  Before long, the Missouri could be the only game around.  The Missouri bumped to 9200 cfs this afternoon and rumored to get another 1000 tomorrow morning.  10,000 cfs is still extremely fishable.  When it stabilizes, those trout won’t skip a beat.  Crayfish, scuds, wire worms, a tung dart or two, 6lb Maxima, a bobber and some shot…..just about sums it up…….oh ya, a drift boat – you’ll need that for sure.   

More weather is forecast for the next couple of days with a foot of snow tonight and tomorrow at 6500 ft.  Then the weekend is calling for a possible rain shower and 60 to 70 degree daytime temps.  That could get ugly quick…….

Stream Flows

Madison @ Cameron – 1470 cfs

Jefferson @ 3 Forks – 3280 cfs

Gallatin @ Logan – 1920 cfs

Missouri @ Holter – 9190 cfs

Yellowstone @ Livingston – 4080 cfs

Big Hole @ Glen – 2400 cfs