Up goes the Mo

by | Jun 7, 2010 | 0 comments

down low on the mo

The word last night in Craig was another 500 cfs for the river.  However, the Missouri is jumping huge today.  The gate keepers are going to blow the horn twice letting out 2000 cfs each time.  10,000 cfs by the end of the day…..more is coming.  Hebgen Lake is under a foot from full pond and we still have some water in the high country……actually, lots of it.  The headwaters of the Missouri are all over 100% with more rain in the forecast.  Will it let up?  The Farmer’s Almanac says no.  Wet weather for most of June and then a dryer July and August…hmmm. By now, the plug of mud has gotten through Quake Lake and the Upper will be toast for awhile.  The Jeff is huge and the Gallatin too.


just another 19 incher.....

The Dearborn is dropping and the fishing in the Canyon has been great. Actually the entire river has been fishing pretty solid. Caddis pupa and various worms have been rigged up all day long.  Tung Darts, Prince nymphs, Silvey’s are great choices.  I have been fishing 7-9 feet to the first fly once the water began to rise a few days ago.  The trout have been hungry and eating flies throughout the entire day.  Today’s jump in flows will be interesting.  The river is almost doubling in size.  The fish might freak for a moment, but hopefully things will settle down and tomorrow will fish.  All it normally takes is a few hours of stability to get them confortable in their new surroundings. 

The Chicken Boys have left us once again with smiles, memories and many, many big trout to hand.  We had 16 anglers for 3 days of fishing up here on the Missouri River.  All of us at Big Sky Anglers would like to thank Kevin, Brian, Martin, Gordy and the rest of the crew for coming to fish with us here in Montana…..looking forward to seeing you next year.