“Ya, on Saturday, ya, I’m gonna need to you to come on in”..Sorry boss, I’m fishing in MT.

10. A warmer than normal Feb and March has brought fish out of deep water and into fishy runs….about 4 weeks earlier than normal.  Think brown trout on the banks in shallow water waiting for bait fish or midges.

9.  Too cold? Buck up, wear some layers, bring some coffee. Ever heard of hand warmers?  Can you cast a fly rod in your office? Maybe if you have a yarn-rod……but there is nothing to pull on the end of that rod.

8.  Less anglers means less pressure……come out during the week for the river to yourself.

7.  Thus far, the angling in 2010 has been pretty damn good.  Why not try it?

6.  Cheap lodging…….come find out.

5. $300 guide trips…….yes really…..that’s a 150 bucks off!

4. Tax season is almost over……you deserve it….

3.  Another beach vacation?  Come on, haven’t you read enough books this winter?

2.  Gentlemen’s hours on the river.   Sleep in, fish late.  Repeat…..there are 13 hours and 45 minutes of light during the day and it getting’s longer by 7 minutes every day.

1. The trout are hungry and a bit dumb….don’t wait……come now….or in a week….or in a month……but come to Montana.  Your wife will love you more when you return.