by | Dec 30, 2011 | 0 comments

Tomorrow we get to roll the bombs...finally.

We entered YNP, wheeled, at 7 am this morning.  Things went as planned until Madison, but we were headed to Mammoth and once we hit the Gibbon Canyon, things were a bit western.  A wind loaded road, combined with on coming traffic, 40 some odd north bound bison, a single lane most of the time and falling snow made for an epic ride.   After picking up the clients, our five rigs made our way back up the Golden Gate only to get turned around by LE at Rustic Falls.  An hour before we had punched our way through Swan Lake Flats, now it was blowing 50 mph and Winter had definitely arrived in Yellowstone.  So, plan B was implemented and a run to West Yellowtone via BZN was the way out.  Our clients were headed to Old Faithful and honestly, conditions weren’t too bad upon entering the gate at 4 pm. 

I am off on New Year’s Eve and sleeping in after the 300 mile trip.   Over the snow travel is now here.  Tomorrow marks the first day of tracked rigs and sleds.  Now it feels like Winter is here.