Three rules to live by…….

by | Jul 20, 2009 | 0 comments

p1010005.JPG Molly and her new Simms waders……so hot.

When on a guided fishing trip there are three rules to live by.

1. Listen to your guide.

2. The guide is always right.

3. Refer to rule #1.

It is amazing when clients acutally listen to what a guide has to say and then take what they have learned and apply it.  Reach casting a dry fly comes to mind………if you try it, it will work….really it does.  It may take you an hour or so to get it right, but once you do, your guide for the day will be the hardest working SOB on the river. When you try hard, your guide tries harder.  It is a wonderful relationship. If you ever take a guide trip, please remember that we as guides are on your team.  We want you to catch trout all day long, but ultimately it is up to you to pull it off. 

 The Madison is now tough.  In order to catch fish, one must drift the fly…..not drag it. The days of swinging your nymphs or skating your dries are OVER. Bring your “A” game and the ability to listen and you will prevail. The last two days on the upper Madison have been a joy. Retired Navy Seal Gerry and his wife Lisa want to learn.  They are new to the sport and I have been guiding them the last three seasons. I have two more days with them and each day they get better….they are almost ready for the Missouri. The desire to learn will produce amazing results…….