three mile and down

by | Apr 7, 2012 | 0 comments

Apparently, someone thought this old school Simms uni was a good idea.   Not so, but Tylor did stay warm, even though he looks ridiculous.  He wore it while cooking breakfast and walked around the cabin bare foot, barking orders at us.  The guy can make a mean batch of cinnamon French toast though……

It’s Easter Weekend and the river is not as busy as I would have thought.  But it is the Big Horn and the river is quite low making for easy wade fishing.  We mostly fished streamers from the boat and moved quite a few trout.  Some would commit, but more often than not, they would chase 5 to 10 feet then peel away.  At one point the midges popped, with just a few bwos mixing in, luring trout to rise.  Just about when things would get good, the wind would come up and ruin it.   There were spots when fish would rise in the faster current as the wind blew hard – those fish were petty easy to fool.  Tomorrow?  Another float.