The River that God Made

by | Sep 29, 2009 | 0 comments

the-dam.JPG  The Dam.

Driving up to the Missouri last Wednesday, I thought about all the different rivers and streams that I have fished this season.  Trying to come up with The List, the list of places that are dear to me, it became difficult to place just one river at the #1 spot.  While the Madison is my home river, I decided to put the Missouri at #1.  Some years that is not the case, but with the higher flows these past two years, the Missouri has become my favorite trout stream in the world.  The Madison seems to have a couple of issues this year.  I will save that conversation for another blog, but inconsistency and smaller trout come to mind. 

Bill Cave called me about 6 weeks ago and was planning a trip for his 5 buddies to MT.  He just wanted to have a good time and catch a few trout.  “Some of us are new to the sport and some of us can fish a little.” was the quote I remembered from our conversation.  Since the Madison had been kind of “off” this year, Greg and I decided that the Missouri was in order. Late September has been warm this year and the Missouri has now gotten below 4000 cfs.  Combine these two factors with high water in the Spring & Summer and that results in weed beds the size of Texas.  Weeds in the Missouri are nothing new, but this year they are thick, thicker than ever.  BUT,  if you don’t let that get in your head and one learns to cast those weeds off on the back cast, one can catch a ton of nice trout averaging 17-18 inches.  


G. Falls – getting it done…..again.

The Dam was a circus both days we put in there, but since there seems to be thousands of trout up there, we figured it was great option for a first timers trip to the Missouri – during the weediest time of the year.  We hired Mike Kunhert to round out the guides and the three of us took the 5 anglers from DC on a trip they’ll never forget.  You know as a guide that you have exceeded expectations when the group books for next season before they leave for home. Thanks Bill, Bob, Tim, Ken and Geoff, we had a great time as well.


Average Rainbow on the Missouri……….

Stay tuned for more reports from the Missouri and Madison Rivers.  We are in for our first real snow storm later tonight and tomorrow.  Things are going to change around here and the fishing is going to get better and better.  I am headed in to YNP later this afternoon to fish for Fall running trout in the Madison. My good buddy Dewey is in town for the Fall Run and I can’t wait to catch up with him.